“Template Letter to Nominate Yourself as an Essential Care Giver (ECG)”

Jul 27, 2021 | Resources & Templates

In order to maintain positive relationships with your care home manager it’s preferable to discuss your request with them informally in the first instance. If you’re unsure exactly what an Essential Care Giver is and how this differs from a regular visitor read our guide “Who is an Essential care Giver” before you have this discussion.  CLICK HERE TO FIND IT ON OUR WEBSITE

There is much confusion about the role of an ECG and it is important to note that ECGs do NOT have to provide personal care for the resident they are supporting. The latest Government Visiting Guidance now states very clearly that ECGs can provide the vital care and support of “companionship” that can only be provided by someone with “a unique personal relationship with the resident”.

If your conversation is met with a negative or obstructive response then send them a more formal email along the following lines:

CLICK HER TO DOWN LOAD the Template Letter



Help us end isolation for care home residentsSupport “Gloria’s Law”

As the Ambassador for Rights for Residents, West End performer Ruthie Henshall is campaigning for “Gloria’s Law”, in memory of her mother who passed away this year, after witnessing her decline from the other side of a care home window.

If passed this would ensure every resident has the legally enforced right to the support of an essential visitor, who could support them in all circumstances.

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