Ruthie Henshall: ‘While MPs were drinking and snogging, I was waving at Mum through a care home window’ – Sam Wollaston

Apr 10, 2023 | In Print

Since Covid, the actor has been fighting for a legal change, determined no one should have to die alone. She discusses Partygate, rule-breaking – and getting drunk with King Charles

One day in June 2020 Ruthie Henshall – actor, singer, dancer, star of musical theatre – went to visit her mother, Gloria, at her residential care home in Suffolk. This was the first time Ruthie had seen her mum for three months – not because she didn’t want to go, or through neglect, but because of lockdown. They had done a few Zoom calls, but there was only one iPad to go around the 50 or so residents in the home, it needed to be booked and there had to be a carer free to help, so it only happened every couple of weeks. And anyway, Gloria, who had Alzheimer’s, didn’t get on very well with Zoom. “She thought she was watching us on television,” says Henshall.

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Ruthie Henshall: ‘People in care homes are treated as second-class citizens.’



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