Linda’s Story

Oct 2, 2020 | Stories

A day out.

I cannot visit or see my mum at the moment. She is 99 and has been in lock down since March and has not been out of her care home (apart from an admission to hospital)

Yesterday l was asked to take her to hospital for a check up! l drove via a park. She loved seeing the autumn trees, conkers, squirrels and the children  playing. It was the same park she got engaged in 77 years ago.

At the hospital she was told she would have another check up in a year. She said

“Oh can’t l come next month l need another day out!”

I drove back to the home via my daughter’s house. Two granddaughters 5 great grandchildren lined the pavement so they could see her. They waved, cried and blew kisses!

“I feel like the queen’ mum said “and today will be a memory that l will treasure forever because they won’t let me out again”

In six months time she will be 100 – we wonder how we are going to celebrate?

They say they are keeping her safe from the virus, but then ask homes to take patients with the virus. I cannot see her  and yet I’m asked to take her to hospital. I cannot go in the home, but hairdressers, plumbers, carpet fitters, chiropodist and lift repair men can!!

What about Mum’s mental health?  She is sad, lonely and depressed. Mum says life is not worth as there’s not quality of life and the only way she’ll get out again is in a box!



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