Our Campaign for  Gloria’s Law 

Jenny and Diane launched Rights for Residents in September 2020.

In response to the inhumane visiting policies placed on care home residents during the pandemic, they mobilised families into actively campaigning on behalf of their loved ones, whose voices were not being heard.

The rights of children, young adults and the elderly, in residential settings, were severely eroded and we continue campaigning to ensure history is never again repeated.

In February 2021, actress Ruthie Henshall, joined Rights for Residents as our campaign ambassador. Her mum Gloria was isolated in a care home, in desperate need of love and support form her daughters.

Together with Care Rights UK, John’s Campaign and thousands of grass roots Rights for Residents campaigners, we continue to fight for  the legal right to a care supporter (Gloria’s Law).  

Gloria’s Law would guarantee that people will never again be completely cut off from their families, when they are at their most vulnerable in a health or care setting.

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What’s been achieved so far?

The Rights for Residents Campaign has achieved a huge amount – ensuring people in care have contact with their loved ones.

Thanks to our amazing supporters, members and followers, and their tireless lobbying of Ministers, MPs, care home bosses, government officials, and the media, we’ve secured major change. The government were forced to remove visiting restrictions on care homes and thousands of families were reunited.

Ministers have now acknowledged the devastating consequences of keeping vulnerable residents apart from those they love. They have introduced a new CQC regulation to strengthen visiting but this won’t give any of us an enforceable right.

Actress and Wet End performer Ruthie Henshall is campaigning for Gloria’s Law. 

Who’s Gloria?

Ruthie lost her precious mum, Gloria, after witnessing her decline from the other side of a window, over many torturous months during the pandemic.

Isolation from her daughters left Gloria confused and distressed and the consequences to her mental health and well being were devastating. When Ruthie finally got in to see her mum, she was a shadow of her former self and the time they had left together was short. Like thousands of others who were locked away, she deserved a better quality of life and death.

Gloria passed away after suffering long periods of separation with no understanding of what was happening.

Gloria’s Law would give all of us a legal right to a Care Supporter, that could be with us in all health and care settings. Nobody should face the end of life alone.

It would ensure we always have access to a close friend or relative, who can provide emotional support and essential human contact when we’re at our most vulnerable.

‘I don’t understand why this is still a fight. It’s a basic human right that all human beings should have. Why are we fighting for the most vulnerable? They should be the first in line for love and care. Don’t let one more person live and die alone.’

Ruthie Henshall

As the authentic voice for those living in care settings, it’s vital our work continues but we can’t do this without your help.

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Rights for Residents is run on a purely voluntary basis and we rely on donations to cover essential expenses.



“I don’t want to die alone

– do you?”


“Being denied the opportunity to say goodbye, or have a loved one hold your hand at the end of life, is something no one should ever face again.

We cannot risk history being repeated”.

Jenny Morrison

Manager of the Gloria’s Law Campaign and Co-founder of Rights for Residents

“We need to know that someone we love and trust, can always advocate for us, and guidance should never dictate when we can be supported by our closest relative or friend.”

Diane Mayhew

Manager of the Gloria’s Law Campaign and Co-founder of Rights For Residents


Petition Delivery and Protest Day

16th September 2021

Hundreds of members of Rights for Residents held a protest outside the Gates of Downing Street, calling on the Government to give care home residents the legal right to an essential visitor / care supporter. It was an amazing turnout and the sea of blue RFR Campaign tops was a sight to behold.

This unique opportunity brought together families from all over the country, affected by the visiting restrictions. Many of those in attendance continue to campaign in memory of their loved ones, who died after prolonged periods of separation.

During the protest members of the Rights for Residents Team, including their ambassador Ruthie Henshall and the then Shadow Minister for Care, Liz Kendall, handed in a petition with over 270,000 signatures calling for “Gloria’s Law”.

“Thank you so much for what you have done and continue to do.

Most of us would not be where we are in looking after our loved ones as ECGs if it wasn’t for Rights for Residents and their continued support “

“Just want to say thank you for all the efforts of this campaign.

I realise outcomes for different homes are variable, but in my case I was able to become an essential care giver very easily which means I can still visit Mum while there are Covid cases. This means a huge amount as Mum really benefits from regular visits. I don’t think the ECG option would be there without RfR.”

“Thank you everyone for your help and advice regarding ECG. I am now included on my mother’s plan as ECG.

I can’t thank this group enough as I was totally unaware of ECG as new to the care home system.”

Rights for Residents, Care Rights UK and John’s Campaign are calling on the Government to pass legislation that would enshrine in law the right of every citizen to have the support of at least one Care Supporter who could provide in person support when we are at our most vulnerable, in a health or care setting. 

Why do we need Gloria’s Law?

Whatever’s happening in the world outside, if I’m in a care home or hospital, I should have the right to be supported by the person that knows me best.

We need to know that someone we love and trust can always advocate for us.

We want to hold a loved one’s hand when we’re scared or dying.

These things are not a given. The pandemic showed we can be stripped of our rights at any time.

Family members are not “just” visitors, we offer an essential component of care that’s vital to mental health and well being. No matter how wonderful care and hospital staff are they can not provide the emotional support that can only come from a family member. We are the eyes, ears, voices and memories of our loved ones. 


Gloria’s Law could be implemented quickly and easily

  • The Bill has huge cross party support in Parliament.
  • The well respected Matrix Chambers have drafted the proposed Bill, making it simple to implement
  • It would cost nothing to implement but the benefit to all of us is incaluable.
  • The Rights for Residents petition for Gloria’s Law has almost 300,000 signatures, demonstrating huge public support
  • Almost 80 major charities, health organisations, corporate care providers and care associations have signed up in support of this legal right.                                                                                                                 

About Us

Our Roles as Campaign Managers

To organise, rally, motivate and challenge others to fight on behalf of those living in care homes to ensure their voices are heard.

To liaise with other interested groups to ensure that efforts and pressure applied have maximum impact. Network, lobby and gain the support of larger charities, organisations, politicians and also the media.

To grow our membership in order to increase the number of grass roots actions that can be taken using our Facebook Group, Twitter feed and website.

To support our members in taking actions (large and small) that help achieve our campaign aims and improve their own individual circumstances. 

To raise sufficient funds for two people, to manage the campaign full-time.



Jenny Morrison – Campaign Manager
Diane Mayhew – Campaign Manager 

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