“Gloria’s Law”

Aug 28, 2021 | News

“Gloria’s Law” – what the Rights For Residents Protest is all about!
The aim of the RFR protest at Downing Street on 16th September is to push for a change in the law that would guarantee every care home resident the right to nominate an Essential Care Giver / Visitor, that can visit in ANY situation. Read our updated petition to find out more.
Even those who’ve already nominated themselves as ECGs could have their visits stopped at a moment’s notice.  The Government may well decide to change the Visiting Guidance in response to rising cases, vaccine resistant variants – leaving people in care isolated once more.
West End performer Ruthie Henshall has been personally affected by the harsh visiting restrictions imposed on care homes during the pandemic. Tragically she lost her own wonderful mum Gloria, after witnessing her decline from the other side of a window, over many torturous months. A situation we’re all familiar with. As the Ambassador for Rights for Residents, Ruthie has agreed to campaign for “Gloria’s Law”. If we can force the Government to pass this law it would ensure every resident would be legally entitled to the support of an Essential Care Giver, and care homes could no longer put obstacles in the way of this.
Ruthie will be joining our protest and petition delivery at Downing Street proudly wearing her blue Rights For Residents hoodie. Like ourselves and many others who are joining the protest it’s too late for our loved ones. However, we remain steadfast in our determination to ensure we don’t go backwards – after all the gains we’ve made as a group with the campaign to date.
Please sign and share our petition to raise awareness of the need for “Gloria’s Law” today. Your support has never been needed more.  Join us in solidarity and wear your RFR Tops with pride to spread the word as widely as possible to anyone who will listen. It’s surprising how many people stop you in the Supermarket to ask what the logo on the front is about!
It’s absolutely vital that ALL our members share the petition within ALL of their social media groups – not just FB. You can easily share it in whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter or even with your email contacts.
This is not a big ask but it is so important – all you’re asking people to do is press a few buttons. No donation is needed – no real effort is needed – you can just skip any requests to donate and share the petition instead.
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Help us end isolation for care home residentsSupport “Gloria’s Law”

As the Ambassador for Rights for Residents, West End performer Ruthie Henshall is campaigning for “Gloria’s Law”, in memory of her mother who passed away this year, after witnessing her decline from the other side of a care home window.

If passed this would ensure every resident has the legally enforced right to the support of an essential visitor, who could support them in all circumstances.

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