Calling All Members – including those with ECG to write to your MP

Sep 6, 2021 | Campaign Updates, News

Diane Mayhew Calling all members who are ECGs…..  ( Essential Visitors)

We’ve had messages from some of you who feel reluctant to write to your MP – as you feel your personal situation has been resolved since you became an ECG. Our survey shows that 77% of respondents (that asked to nominate themselves as an ECG) have been accepted.
It was an extremely tough and prolonged battle to force the Government to accept the principle that all residents should have an ECG and to have this included in the official visiting guidance. However, we’re under no illusion that this fight is over. Already we’re hearing that some ECGs are being denied visits during an outbreak. Also, the Government won’t hesitate to do a U turn and take this away from you – if and when they see fit. For example, if we’re hit by a vaccine resistant variant, or the predicted huge increase in Covid cases during the Autumn etc. In these situations, the Government is highly likely to introduce restrictions and who do you think will pay the price for the unfolding disaster?
If you are one of the 77% who are fortunate to be visiting as an ECG or indeed one of the 23% still being denied this, please write to your MP urgently.
The only way to prevent a repeat of what happened when residents were completely locked down is to force the Government to enshrine the rights of ECGs in law.
You can use our template letter to make this easy – which can be altered to fit your own personal circumstances. We must all act now to ensure that your loved ones never face the prospect of being isolated indefinitely again!



Help us end isolation for care home residentsSupport “Gloria’s Law”

As the Ambassador for Rights for Residents, West End performer Ruthie Henshall is campaigning for “Gloria’s Law”, in memory of her mother who passed away this year, after witnessing her decline from the other side of a care home window.

If passed this would ensure every resident has the legally enforced right to the support of an essential visitor, who could support them in all circumstances.

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